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 1. MIT, Pune wins the national ROBOCON 2012.

 2. Team SFIT defeats all its opponents in the league matches of ROBOCON 2012.  


Due to tight schedule and many offshore projects, the site has not been updated. The Author is soon going to add new info on robotics and electronics projects along with guidelines for ROBOCON 2012 and not to forget the latest gadgets and gizmos. Be patient and wait for the best to come!

Image Processing Notes

Move on to 'Documents' page to download IP notes.Exclusive* with Robos n Tech!!



 Team SFIT - ROBOCON 2012


Exclusive web partner of Team SFIT

||ROBOCON 2012.||
 2012 Theme- Peng on Dai Gat
~Team SFIT stands 22nd all over INDIA~
  • ONLY team from INDIA to drive manual robot using only 1 motor
  • ONLY team from INDIA to have a female manual operator from a co-ed college 

  We wish good luck to the team to excel in future